What’s the Purpose of a Person’s Life?



Purpose of Your Life – For The Divine.

This world works on the karma principle. Time keeps a record of our karma and the will of other people, animals, plants, and objects towards us. This collective will is called Omniwill and it decides the righteousness or wrongfulness of our karma.

In due time, Omniwill or time or the divine power, whatever you call it; sends a person or animal or an object to us that will reward or punish us for our karma. Sometimes we deliver fate to other people and sometimes other people enter our life to bring joy or sorrow in our lives. While people do it subconsciously, the time plans everything to perfection. Good people/things are sent in your life as rewards and bad and incompatible people are sent to your life as punishments. There are no accidents in time and space. Everything works as per plan.

In that sense, our life is nothing but a character that we are playing in this theater “Earth”; delivering fate to each other.

So, the next time you come across a person who starts yelling at you, just be calm and kind and hospitable to him and be cautious of the hidden motives of his call. Its the divine inside that person that is delivering the fate you deserved.

Purpose of Your Life – For Yourself

Do what every your mind, your intrinsic nature wants you to do while remaining cautious of your actions. Never hurt anybody while achieving your life goals.

If you want fame, wealth, name or glory, go work hard for it. If you want a good life and a family, make efforts to get it. If you want peace or a calm mind, then explore spirituality. Whatever path you choose, at the end, what you get is what you deserved for your efforts and your actions (karma). Accept it.

The purpose of your life is to understand yourself and the world. What you want to do is what omni-will want you to do. Just follow that desire without doing anything wrong.

Don’t raise expectations regarding your career, spouse, children, or anything else. Because if you don’t set goals, if you are not expecting something from your family, or boss, or community, then you can not fail and you can not get disappointed with anyone.

Choose calmness over drama and distance over disrespect.


Complete happiness is impossible to achieve because our mind never gets satisfied with what we have achieved in life. It will always keep craving for what you don’t have. For some it could be money, or health, or time to spend with family, or better spouse, or obedient children or more.

No body gets everything in life and therefore its useless to aim to satisfy mind and achieve complete happiness.

Simply witness the short events of happiness and sorrow while not getting too much excited or depressed about these life events. They are but two sides of the same coin. And nothing is permanent. They keep coming and going.


There is no doubt that money is very very important for leading a good life. It is even more important to the person who has seen tough times in his childhood. Money is everything to him.

But we must keep a balance as too much of everything is bad. Accumulate only that much which you can spend in your lifetime; leading a simple life.

If you want to go on vacation to a luxury beach resort, go for it. Just don’t boast of it and don’t post images on Instagram. If you want to make money to build reputation and to prove to the society that you are doing great. Then it will only bring more pain in your life.


Don’t aim for making every one happy. You and your cautiousness should be in total control of your decisions. Don’t take decisions to make your spouse or parents, or children happy. Listen to them and their expectations from you; but ultimately, let your cautiousness to decide.

Learn to live alone because most relations break during tough times. Marriage is a blessing only if the two become one in every sense. Finding such a partner is not easy; so learn to live alone.

Believe me its not as tough as it seems. And once you have learned to live alone, you will never miss the social gatherings and party culture. You will soon start enjoying your company more than you had ever enjoyed.


Never will of pain for others as it will bring pain to you. Never will of making other people envy or jealous of your lifestyle as it will make you more jealous of people who are more wealthier than you. What you give, you get in return.

Which means the purpose of your life should be to spread love as that’s the only way you can bring positivity in your life and to the world.

Don’t confuse love with relationship. Love is a state of your being, not a relationship. Love is a moment-to-moment process.

Love may not return from the same person, but it will return for sure. And if it does not return, then there is only one possibility. Think again, had you really given pure love? Or just pretended to give love.

Try not to hurt anybody.


Young does not want to get old. The living does not want to die. Such expectations are stupid and unrealistic. One should accept aging and death gracefully. What comes in your life – accept it. What goes out of your life – accept it with equal grace. Change is the rule of world.

Aging does not bring sorrow. The expectation of staying young at 50+ years of age brings sorrow. Flowers that bloom in the morning will wilt in a day or two. And if you don’t want the flowers to wilt, then you would have to bring artificial flowers. They will not die because there are not alive. They are not real.

Accept the truth. Don’t fight. Its all but natural.


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